Original Music for tv show – Mau Maria (RTP)

Mau Maria is a 6-episode documentary on the portuguese exquisite places and people. It was my first musical piece for TV, which you can listen at the beginning of each episode. This a very personal and creative approach, and you can find me playing at a pimp garage on the 2nd episode.   All episodes … Read more

Feira de Edição Independente – Plano B

Plano B was the perfect venue for this independent edition fair in Porto, which I organized along with the Pangrama crew and Lovers & Lollypops. A nice saturday afternoon that ended up in a massive party with loads of gigs. Official release of the Manta tape.  

New label release + Tape mastering

New release on my label by Manta. Edition of 60 tapes on Marvellous Tone. Mastering by me.

Recording new album by von Calhau!

That’s about it! I also did the mastering for the 12″. Here’s the result.

Lavadouro – Festival Manobras

For this year’s edition of  “Festival Manobras” I developed a project along with Ana Matos Fernandes (voice, Capicua) and Pedro Geraldes (guitar, Linda Martini). I was doing keyboards on a bunch of original songs with one common theme: the city of Oporto and it’s relation with water. Texts were collected from different authors and me … Read more

Digitopolis – Hard Club

“Digitopolis” is the name given to a major electronic music act that took place at Hard Club, during the Festival Manobras in Porto. This act was performed by an ensemble of almost 40 persons in 7 sets of different electronic music branches (Programming, Bending, Djing, Synths, etc etc). This project is an initiative of the … Read more

Circuito Bending da Boavista – Festival Manobras

During the whole year I was responsible for gathering a group of people that could perform an act using diy and custom instruments. This little “community” called “Circuito Bending da Boavista” was just a part of a bigger ensemble. Here’s a nice review of the performance http://templozebra.tumblr.com/post/32729025081 ©Maria Louceiro   btw: I’ll be helding a … Read more

Special mix for mercado 560

I did an exclusive mix for the online shop / webzine Mercado 560, using only tracks released on the Marvellous Tone label. Some upcoming and unreleased material is also included. Check it. Ghuna X apresenta Marvellous Tone

Playing at Festival Milhões de Festa w/ GHUNAgangh

Here’s a small review of the gig in Barcelos the 21st July: “Wouldn’t be that lazy if I’d know that Ghunagangh would be the surprise of the day. The situation: one guy, a whitey glassed and caped DJ in charge of freaky, crawling and scary beats, and the rapper, shirtless, heavy body, bald punk, doing … Read more

Entrevista no Bodyspace

Interview for the music webpage Bodyspace.net (portuguese only) Aqui.