Pedro Augusto – Worm Studies (tape release)

Professional C-30 cassete with unique silkscreen print by Carla Filipe ———————— Limited edition of 14 ———————— Worm Studies, by Pedro Augusto Recorded at Worm Studios using a Arp 2500, Arp 2600 and a EMS VCS3. Rotterdam, November 2013. No additional arrangements or mixing. Picture © Raquel Carvalho Worm Studies by Pedro Augusto

“Bloco”, installation @ Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves

© Filipe Braga “Bloco” é um retrato ficcionado de um complexo habitacional que representa, na sua forma, o elemento arquétipo de um bairro. Num outro plano, este bloco traduz os movimentos e a dinâmica de quem o habita. Esta instalação utiliza elementos audiovisuais recolhidos em alguns bairros do SAAL (ou com eles relacionados) e organiza-os … Read more


A new performance work in collaboration with Vera Mota, was premiered at this year’s Circular Festival de Artes Performativas which takes place in Vila do Conde. Besides all the stage work I composed the original from which you can listen a bit here. All pictures by Margarida Ribeiro.  

Oskar Sala – Resonanzen (re-interpretation)

Following the invitation by Digitopia for doing a re-interpretation of an electroacoustic work, I have chosen Oskar Sala’s Resonanzen (1970), a piece mainly composed using the amazing Trautonium. The same instrument was used by Oskar Sala for Hitchcock’s “Birds”. No audio here (for now), but a official release will happen by 2015. The  show took place at … Read more

Playgame, by Pedro Rosa & Jorge Palinhos

I have composed the original ambient music and recorded the narration behind “Playgame”‘s interactive play. This is a very special play which involves the audience , by means of the interactive use of instructions played via an Android app. The user reads QR codes available in the “scenario”. This way he/she can decide where the … Read more


“Several” is an adptation of the performance “Hang Up” and it was designed for a group of 6 performers. This piece was presented in the Contemporary Museum of Serralves (Serralves em Festa).   “Several”, by Vera Mota & Pedro Augusto with DesNorte Duration: 30min © Dinis Santos

Workshop @ Casa Bernardo

Workshop + Gig at Casa Bernardo, Caldas da Rainha.    

“Revolução Industrial”, documentary (Sound + Mixing)

Mixed and post-produced the documentary “Revolução Industrial” by Frederico Lobo and Tiago Hespanha. Premiered at Indie Festival Lisboa 2014. “Music from the outfits Ghuna X and Phase strikes effectively eerie notes of percussive electronica, counterpointing a sound-mix from Pedro Augusto (and ‘The Environment’ studio) which hauntingly blends industrial noise, birdsong and the seemingly ever-present rushing … Read more

Entrevista na (PT only)

Uma hora de conversa sobre cultura diy, música, dicas de estúdio, a Feira do Jeco, a Time Lapse Porto, etc etc, para ouvir aqui (PT only)

Crash Course on Mixing & Mastering

Very pleased to teach my first workshop on this subjects. Location: Casa da Música, Porto. Session has sold out. Contents here.