Playing at Festival Milhões de Festa w/ GHUNAgangh

Here’s a small review of the gig in Barcelos the 21st July:

“Wouldn’t be that lazy if I’d know that Ghunagangh would be the surprise of the day. The situation: one guy, a whitey glassed and caped DJ in charge of freaky, crawling and scary beats, and the rapper, shirtless, heavy body, bald punk, doing flinching rhymes with two micros, one for each hand, both to be put to the mouth. These two gentlemen obvious went on the wave of the horrorcore that nowadays seems to baton the modern, avant-garde maybe hip hop. But what clearly put success into this concert was by no means any lyric content (who exists), but the pose, the streetwise anger, the fear climate the music would already provide, and honesty while interacting to the public. This all became exponential by the last breath Ghunagangh took, asking the crowd to fuck off Rui Rio, Porto’s city mayor crooked son of a bitch (I’m sorry, it’s just contextualization). And it went batshit crazy, everybody giving the middle fingers in the air, as Rey, the MC, would order them, while his pal Ghuna X also came jumping with middle fingers raised. Just rulers of the night, and the great surprise of this Milhões, not only for the day.”

retrieved here.

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