AD/DA, variations on a theme

“AD/DA, variations on a theme” (“AD/DA, variações sobre o tema”) was a sound piece I did in Oporto during the Manobras Festival -which was running all around the city within different places and formats (kind of trying to interact with the local communities in various ways).
So, I got to be invited by NEC whom were curating a part of the Manobras in such random and unimaginable places in the city. Some of which are barely used for artistic means or have no connection at all with that purpose.
I was presenting my new work at a small auditorium, right in the middle of one the most known blocks of the city (Sé).

Big surprise was that this kind of places which are normally put aside, was actually in good shape and with perfect conditions for the intimate project I was getting to.
Since ever I like to work with different recording and producing techniques and “AD/DA” was intended to be a more focused work on the “analog to digital and digital to analog” paradigm.
Several recordings were made the weeks before, junk percussion back home and outside, palmtrees, glossolalia voices, various analog synths, … forming a strange collage and a much dynamic composition to which a visual similar experience was going to complement.

Additionally, I used two slide projectors with some random vintage “trip to Italy” pictures and some (new) house/daylife objects’images I took. They were layered on the same wall making an equivalent pastiche…

Here’s some more pics:
©Paulo Pimenta


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