Pasteleira City

A partir do livro com o mesmo nome, de Raul Simões Pinto, e de diversas entrevistas efectuadas a elementos da Orquestra Comunitária de Lordelo do Ouro, surge o guião para uma ópera moderna sobre as memórias de gentes e bouças da Pasteleira. A zona da Pasteleira cresce como um microclima na parte oeste da cidade. … Read more

Homem do Cávado

Original and unique show that took place in Festival Encontrarte, Amares 50 musicians and children on stage, live drawing Artistic Direction: Pedro Augusto & José Cordeiro Duration: 30min © Ceci de F Direção artística e musical: José Cordeiro e Pedro Augusto Direção de Orquestra: João Ferreira Video: João Alves e José Peneda Participantes: Grupo de … Read more

Hector, André Mendes

New soundtrack composition for the contemporary dance solo by André Mendes.   Residence: Espaço do Tempo, Montemor O Novo Première: Auditório Municipal de Gaia Next: Casa das Artes de Famalicão, 23/24 September 2016    

Workshop Circuit Bending – Casa Da Música

For a day I was running a workshop on Circuit Bending, introducing some techniques and sharing some thoughts on the matter. Since my first experiences, back in the summer of 2003, this was the first time I had the pleasure to conduct a workshop. The group was very interesting and covered all ages, from 12 … Read more

Phase (new project – gigs report)

Phase is my new side project featuring Ricardo Miranda (Black Bombaim) with whom I’ve worked several times before. We had the opportunity to play at INEUFI parties, comissioned by Lovers / Lollypops the 18th May @ Café Au Lait, in Porto. Video here. And also to play @ Armazém do Chá, hosting the heavy duo … Read more

European mini tour (bcn, bxl, brl)

Porto – Barcelona – Brussels – Berlin – Porto Great opportunity to meet some old friends and to play in some amazing venues. Bruxelles was special. Video here.

Original Music for tv show – Mau Maria (RTP)

Mau Maria is a 6-episode documentary on the portuguese exquisite places and people. It was my first musical piece for TV, which you can listen at the beginning of each episode. This a very personal and creative approach, and you can find me playing at a pimp garage on the 2nd episode.   All episodes … Read more


From the 4th to the 6th July the new creation of the theater company Marionet was on stage at TAGV, Coimbra. I was responsible for composing the original soundtrack. Here’s a hint. And here’s a video installation (with original music too) running at the hall of the venue.   Nano-T was a piece conceived under … Read more

Piece for Tuning Cars

I took part of #3 Pecha Kucha Night Guimarães with a sound piece to be played on modified cars. Following the presentation of Pedro Magalhães on his artistic and anthropological view about the subject, two 15 minute audio tracks of mine were played on this custom soundsystems. The cars were installed on the place of … Read more


Inculta Tv made a special episode about myself. A small talk and some insights to the studio. Check it here.