Joana Ferreira Aggin SS12 @ Portugal Fashion

I was invited to create a soundtrack for a catwalk. It was my first and this was possibly the oddest thing I was asked to do during this year. Joana Ferreira is a very young and talented fashion desginer whom is featured in my video Devir II. You can take a look of her collection … Read more

AD/DA, variations on a theme

“AD/DA, variations on a theme” (“AD/DA, variações sobre o tema”) was a sound piece I did in Oporto during the Manobras Festival -which was running all around the city within different places and formats (kind of trying to interact with the local communities in various ways). So, I got to be invited by NEC whom … Read more


2CNQV stands out for “2 cyborgs num quarto vazio” (or 2 cyborgs on an empty room) and its the latest creation by Marionet, with whom I have colaborated before. After three months of work, using as a process of “construction” a technique called “divising” the team headed up to Montemor for the last days before … Read more

Marionet in Residence @ Oficinas do Convento – Montemor o Novo

As a continuity of the good work and relationship developed with the Marionet theatre company last February I was invited to collaborate in the new production. The show will be called 2CNQV and its about two cyborgs in a fictional contemporary time, dealing with questions of evolution and social awareness. The team headed up to … Read more

BCC – MARIONET @ Teatro da Cerca, Coimbra

BCC is a new media and theatre play to which I have produced the soundtrack. The play was presented to the public during the 16-20th March at the magnificent Teatro da Cerca. This piece deals with studies on climate changes in the life of some river species, and how the conclusions taken from that, teach … Read more


“New research suggests that Earth will be swallowed by the Sun. Tourism is up by 16% from the last apocalypse. Seagulls don´t give a shit about eschatology. A fractured text by Eirik Sørdal with sounds from Ghuna X.” AWT was a spoken word performance that took place at the release of the book STATE OF … Read more