Feira de Edição Independente – Plano B

Plano B was the perfect venue for this independent edition fair in Porto, which I organized along with the Pangrama crew and Lovers & Lollypops. A nice saturday afternoon that ended up in a massive party with loads of gigs. Official release of the Manta tape.  

Lavadouro – Festival Manobras

For this year’s edition of  “Festival Manobras” I developed a project along with Ana Matos Fernandes (voice, Capicua) and Pedro Geraldes (guitar, Linda Martini). I was doing keyboards on a bunch of original songs with one common theme: the city of Oporto and it’s relation with water. Texts were collected from different authors and me … Read more

Digitopolis – Hard Club

“Digitopolis” is the name given to a major electronic music act that took place at Hard Club, during the Festival Manobras in Porto. This act was performed by an ensemble of almost 40 persons in 7 sets of different electronic music branches (Programming, Bending, Djing, Synths, etc etc). This project is an initiative of the … Read more

Circuito Bending da Boavista – Festival Manobras

During the whole year I was responsible for gathering a group of people that could perform an act using diy and custom instruments. This little “community” called “Circuito Bending da Boavista” was just a part of a bigger ensemble. Here’s a nice review of the performance http://templozebra.tumblr.com/post/32729025081 ©Maria Louceiro   btw: I’ll be helding a … Read more

Playing at Festival Milhões de Festa w/ GHUNAgangh

Here’s a small review of the gig in Barcelos the 21st July: “Wouldn’t be that lazy if I’d know that Ghunagangh would be the surprise of the day. The situation: one guy, a whitey glassed and caped DJ in charge of freaky, crawling and scary beats, and the rapper, shirtless, heavy body, bald punk, doing … Read more

Playing with Black Bombaim

Black Bombaim’s new album was presented at the Festival Curtas de Vila do Conde with live cinema and guest musicians. I did my share on this track. ©jpedromartins


From the 4th to the 6th July the new creation of the theater company Marionet was on stage at TAGV, Coimbra. I was responsible for composing the original soundtrack. Here’s a hint. And here’s a video installation (with original music too) running at the hall of the venue.   Nano-T was a piece conceived under … Read more

Piece for Tuning Cars

I took part of #3 Pecha Kucha Night Guimarães with a sound piece to be played on modified cars. Following the presentation of Pedro Magalhães on his artistic and anthropological view about the subject, two 15 minute audio tracks of mine were played on this custom soundsystems. The cars were installed on the place of … Read more

what is the color when black is burned (OST)

“What is the color when black is burned”* is a sound and dance piece conceived by myself and performer Vera Mota which takes “the desert” as a field of work and concept. The premiere was during Festival MAP/P as an invitation from Fabrica de Movimentos and took place in the magnificent http://www.tnsj.pt/home/msbv/index.php?intID=7&intSubID=12. This is a … Read more

playing as phase at Red bull Porto hub

Here’s a vid of me performing as PHASE along with Ricardo Martins (from BLACK BOMBAIM) on the keyboards.