Found Tapes Porto

(©Dinis Santos) This is a project I’ve thinking for some years… The Found Tapes Porto is a collection/archive of cassette tapes collected from the streets of Porto from 2004 to 2019. This action was recently described as foundtaping. The FTP is an ongoing project which will be finished this year, so very soon everyone will … Read more

Parque Zootrónico

“Parque Zootrónico” is exhibition that comprehends a collection of authorial electronic music instruments built by portuguese contemporary artists. Rather than sounds they produce, this collection focus on the designs and aesthetics of these custom machines, some of which modified, new designs or re-cased. The exhibition was curated by myself and Inês Castanheira as an invitation … Read more

Música Mágica – Audio & Video

This concert recording is now on bandcamp via Capivara Azul. Música Mágica was composed by Pedro Augusto and Sérgio Bastos for the church pipe organ of the church Nossa Senhora da Oliveira – Guimarães, Portugal. Música Mágica – Concerto para Órgão Ibérico Gravado ao vivo na Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, Guimarães 29 de Dezembro … Read more

Temas Maiatos

Extensive radio show, contents referring to village of Maia, northern Porto. Challenge from Curator Vera Sachetti for Bienal da Maia. During March to July 2019, different subjects were targeted, from psychogeography and orographic detours to architectural descriptions, narrations of historic events and strange characters. Details that make this village either of unique human geography or … Read more

Música Mágica

“O concerto para órgão ibérico Música Mágica, inspirado na obra teórica e visual do Jesuíta alemão do século XVII Athanasius Kircher, cujos tratados e luminuras serviram de catalisadores do universo conceptual e cosmológico deste trabalho de composição, é uma meditação sobre a possibilidade de um retorno à expressão primordial da música enquanto mimesis de uma … Read more

Hector, André Mendes

New soundtrack composition for the contemporary dance solo by André Mendes.   Residence: Espaço do Tempo, Montemor O Novo Première: Auditório Municipal de Gaia Next: Casa das Artes de Famalicão, 23/24 September 2016    

Oskar Sala – Resonanzen (re-interpretation)

Following the invitation by Digitopia for doing a re-interpretation of an electroacoustic work, I have chosen Oskar Sala’s Resonanzen (1970), a piece mainly composed using the amazing Trautonium. The same instrument was used by Oskar Sala for Hitchcock’s “Birds”. No audio here (for now), but a official release will happen by 2015. The  show took place at … Read more


“Several” is an adptation of the performance “Hang Up” and it was designed for a group of 6 performers. This piece was presented in the Contemporary Museum of Serralves (Serralves em Festa).   “Several”, by Vera Mota & Pedro Augusto with DesNorte Duration: 30min © Dinis Santos

Ghuna X @ GNRATion, Braga

After my last performance at the new GNRation, I got this text on my inbox. Portuguese only. ” GHUNA X – 1 de Maio em Braga START UP GNRation Entrei para ouvir sem saber o quê, que me não disseram, mas pelo aparato cénico logo vi que ia ouvir uma experiência musical, dado o carácter … Read more

European mini tour (bcn, bxl, brl)

Porto – Barcelona – Brussels – Berlin – Porto Great opportunity to meet some old friends and to play in some amazing venues. Bruxelles was special. Video here.