• Pedro Augusto (Ghuna X / The Environment) is an
    artist and musician working in the fields of Electronic Music, Performance and Installation.

    Producer for various albums (see Studio tab).

    vandomize at gmail dot com

Modular ©Margarida Ribeiro


A new performance work in collaboration with Vera Mota, was premiered at this year’s Circular Festival de Artes Performativas which takes place in Vila do Conde. Besides all the stage work I composed the original from which you can listen a bit here. All pictures by Margarida Ribeiro.  

2014-10-11 23.51.29

Oskar Sala – Resonanzen (re-interpretation)

Following the invitation by Digitopia for doing a re-interpretation of an electroacoustic work, I have chosen Oskar Sala’s Resonanzen (1970), a piece mainly composed using the amazing Trautonium. The same instrument was used by Oskar Sala for Hitchcock’s “Birds”. No audio here (for now), but a official release will happen by 2015. The  show took place at … Read more

playgame crop

Playgame, by Pedro Rosa & Jorge Palinhos

I have composed the original ambient music and recorded the narration behind “Playgame”‘s interactive play. This is a very special play which involves the audience , by means of the interactive use of instructions played via an Android app. The user reads QR codes available in the “scenario”. This way he/she can decide where the … Read more



“Several” is an adptation of the performance “Hang Up” and it was designed for a group of 6 performers. This piece was presented in the Contemporary Museum of Serralves (Serralves em Festa).   “Several”, by Vera Mota & Pedro Augusto with DesNorte Duration: 30min © Dinis Santos

GhunaX Crashcourse II

Workshop @ Casa Bernardo

Workshop + Gig at Casa Bernardo, Caldas da Rainha.    


“Revolução Industrial”, documentary (Sound + Mixing)

Mixed and post-produced the documentary “Revolução Industrial” by Frederico Lobo and Tiago Hespanha. Premiered at Indie Festival Lisboa 2014. “Music from the outfits Ghuna X and Phase strikes effectively eerie notes of percussive electronica, counterpointing a sound-mix from Pedro Augusto (and ‘The Environment’ studio) which hauntingly blends industrial noise, birdsong and the seemingly ever-present rushing … Read more


Entrevista na stress.fm (PT only)

Uma hora de conversa sobre cultura diy, música, dicas de estúdio, a Feira do Jeco, a Time Lapse Porto, etc etc, para ouvir aqui (PT only)


Crash Course on Mixing & Mastering

Very pleased to teach my first workshop on this subjects. Location: Casa da Música, Porto. Session has sold out. Contents here.


Mastering on Ermo debut album

Released on Optimus Discos. Mixed by my friend Luis Salgado (aka Stereoboy). Mastered by myself at The Environment.


“Hang Up”

“Hang up” is a performance created with Vera Mota, which features some very simple and minimal exercises dealing with natural acoustics, “phasing” and movement. No music composition but the sound created by movement. “Hang Up” was premiered in Edificio AXA, Porto, and was an invitation by NEC. A group piece was also designed and can be … Read more


Workshop Circuit Bending – Casa Da Música

For a day I was running a workshop on Circuit Bending, introducing some techniques and sharing some thoughts on the matter. Since my first experiences, back in the summer of 2003, this was the first time I had the pleasure to conduct a workshop. The group was very interesting and covered all ages, from 12 … Read more


Phase (new project – gigs report)

Phase is my new side project featuring Ricardo Miranda (Black Bombaim) with whom I’ve worked several times before. We had the opportunity to play at INEUFI parties, comissioned by Lovers / Lollypops the 18th May @ Café Au Lait, in Porto. Video here. And also to play @ Armazém do Chá, hosting the heavy duo … Read more


Ghuna X @ GNRATion, Braga

After my last performance at the new GNRation, I got this text on my inbox. Portuguese only. ” GHUNA X – 1 de Maio em Braga START UP GNRation Entrei para ouvir sem saber o quê, que me não disseram, mas pelo aparato cénico logo vi que ia ouvir uma experiência musical, dado o carácter … Read more



Super glad I did the mastering for this record. Good vibes Here’s the result.


European mini tour (bcn, bxl, brl)

Porto – Barcelona – Brussels – Berlin – Porto Great opportunity to meet some old friends and to play in some amazing venues. Bruxelles was special. Video here.