official trailer:   Portugal, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2016 Colour HD, Stéréo 74’ Original version bosnian, croatian Subtitles english Script André Gil Mata Photography André Gil Mata Editing Tomás Baltazar Sound Pedro Augusto Casting Sena, Ilija, Sasha   MENTION SPÉCIALE / COMPÉTITION INTERNATIONALE @ FIDMarseille 2016


Décimas – Sound Installation

Quadraphonic sound installation at Sala do Capítulo – Convento de São Francisco, Montemor O Novo. Developed in residency during Festival Cidade PreOcupada 2016, following a invitation of Oficinas do Convento. All sounds used are cowbell sounds recorded from a large collection at Herdade do Freixo do Meio, Alentejo. The Alentejo cowbell was considered Imaterial Heritage … Read more

1 HECTOR Andr_ Mendes (c) Jo_o Octavio Peixoto

Hector, André Mendes

New soundtrack composition for the contemporary dance solo by André Mendes.   Residence: Espaço do Tempo, Montemor O Novo Première: Auditório Municipal de Gaia http://festivalddd.com/pt/programme/8/ Next: Casa das Artes de Famalicão, 23/24 September 2016    


Pedro Augusto – Worm Studies (tape release)

Professional C-30 cassete with unique silkscreen print by Carla Filipe ———————— Limited edition of 14 ———————— Worm Studies, by Pedro Augusto Recorded at Worm Studios using a Arp 2500, Arp 2600 and a EMS VCS3. Rotterdam, November 2013. No additional arrangements or mixing. Picture © Raquel Carvalho Worm Studies by Pedro Augusto

Modular ©Margarida Ribeiro


A new performance work in collaboration with Vera Mota, was premiered at this year’s Circular Festival de Artes Performativas which takes place in Vila do Conde. Besides all the stage work I composed the original from which you can listen a bit here. All pictures by Margarida Ribeiro.  

2014-10-11 23.51.29

Oskar Sala – Resonanzen (re-interpretation)

Following the invitation by Digitopia for doing a re-interpretation of an electroacoustic work, I have chosen Oskar Sala’s Resonanzen (1970), a piece mainly composed using the amazing Trautonium. The same instrument was used by Oskar Sala for Hitchcock’s “Birds”. No audio here (for now), but a official release will happen by 2015. The  show took place at … Read more

playgame crop

Playgame, by Pedro Rosa & Jorge Palinhos

I have composed the original ambient music and recorded the narration behind “Playgame”‘s interactive play. This is a very special play which involves the audience , by means of the interactive use of instructions played via an Android app. The user reads QR codes available in the “scenario”. This way he/she can decide where the … Read more



“Several” is an adptation of the performance “Hang Up” and it was designed for a group of 6 performers. This piece was presented in the Contemporary Museum of Serralves (Serralves em Festa).   “Several”, by Vera Mota & Pedro Augusto with DesNorte Duration: 30min © Dinis Santos

GhunaX Crashcourse II

Workshop @ Casa Bernardo

Workshop + Gig at Casa Bernardo, Caldas da Rainha.    


“Revolução Industrial”, documentary (Sound + Mixing)

Mixed and post-produced the documentary “Revolução Industrial” by Frederico Lobo and Tiago Hespanha. Premiered at Indie Festival Lisboa 2014. “Music from the outfits Ghuna X and Phase strikes effectively eerie notes of percussive electronica, counterpointing a sound-mix from Pedro Augusto (and ‘The Environment’ studio) which hauntingly blends industrial noise, birdsong and the seemingly ever-present rushing … Read more